Birth Doula Training

Birth Doula Training 

Doula-BirthAre you interested in a career working with mums and babies? All through time, and in all cultures, women have been supporting and mothering other women at the time of birth. Doulas encourage, soothe, and educate. You do not need to be a mother yourself, nor have a medical background to become a doula—just a passion for birth and parenting and the desire to be in a support role for mums

Certified doulas are typically self-employed with independent doula practices (we will give tips on how to do this). However, many women interested in maternal/infant health have found doula training and certification a valuable stepping stone into a future career in midwifery.

You may already have the heart of a doula—enhance your skill set with this hands-on training!

Topics Include

  •  comfort measures and pain relief techniques,
  •  creative positioning for labour and birth,
  •  support strategies for normal and challenging births,
  •  essential communication and advocacy skills,
  •  and much more…..

This comprehensive birth doula workshop fulfils one step towards becoming a DONA International Certified Birth Doula.

For the list of pre-requisites necessary to attend this birth doula training course visit the DONA International website at: