Baby Planner Services

Baby Beginnings offers a wide-range of maternity, pregnancy and baby planner services and takes pride in providing the highest level of personalised services. 


We Will

Provide you with a complimentary initial consultation – Tell me what your challenges and frustrations are and let me take away some of the work and worry.

After the initial consultation I will create and present two to three unique Baby Planner Services plans based on the services that you need, including corresponding resources and materials, so that you have an individualised pregnancy planner at your fingertips. (Prices start at $200). Once you have chosen a package and price, we then begin an exciting journey together.



Baby Beginnings Baby Planner Services are also offered a la carte at an hourly rate of $50.
Baby Beginnings Baby Planner Services include, but are not limited to:


  •  Fertility issues
  •  What to expect during the next 9 months
  •  Choosing a midwife, doctor and / or doula
  •  Birth place choices
  •  Birthing options
  •  Breast or other feeding options
  •  Baby wearing
  •  Choice of baby gear
  •  Baby shower planning services
  •  Creating a customised baby registry

Welcome Home…

  •  What to expect in the early days home
  •  Establishing routines
  •  Breast feeding support
  •  Birth announcements
  •  Around the clock parent support
  •  Childcare options

Concierge Services…

  •  Photographers
  •  Lactation consultants
  •  Pre/Post natal yoga, exercise & Pilates instructors
  •  Antenatal classes
  •  Parent support groups
  •  Mummy & Baby classes

And so much more to our Baby Planner Services…

Baby Beginnings Baby Planner Services – Just ask