Postnatal Classes

The following is a selection of Postnatal Classes offered by Baby Beginnings. Postnatal

All our Postnatal classes are run by fully qualified personnel.

ABCs of Going Home With Your Baby

Topics include basic infant care, diapering, dressing, bathing, swaddling, holding, soothing, bottle feeding, when to call the doctor and how to manage with pets at home. Safety issues will also be addressed, including sleeping, cribs, car seats, baby products and baby-proofing your home.

Breastfeeding Your Baby Part II – Beyond the First Weeks
This class is for parents who have completed our Breastfeeding 101 class or who have recently breastfed a baby. Topics include pumping and storing breast milk, maintaining milk supply and returning to work while continuing to breastfeed. Partners are welcome.

Infant Massage

Our hands-on method insures that you will learn the art of interactive massage to suit your baby’s schedule, needs, and developmental level. Infant massage can relieve stress for you and your baby, deepen bonding, contribute to baby’s development, help baby sleep better, and enhance your ability to understand your baby’s needs. This four-week class is designed for you with your baby, from birth to precrawling.

Back to Work Breastfeeding

One-hour postnatal classes offering an individualised approach to maintaining milk supply and breastfeeding while returning to work. By appointment

Sign, Say and Play

Did you know that babies can learn to communicate by signing before they can talk? Through stimulating activities, songs, and play, you and your 6- to 12-month-old infant will learn six to seven signs each week. The Sign, Say and Play Postnatal classes are a six-week series based on Baby Signs®, Inc. Each family will receive a kit that contains books, a CD, and a DVD to help incorporate signing into your daily life.

Infant First Aid

These postnatal classes teach infant conscious and unconscious choking procedures, infant CPR, infant seizures, poisoning, allergic reactions and prevention of childhood related injuries. These classes may be taken before or after your baby is born, but the class is for adults only.

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